Sweden is "the rape capital of Europe" -Looks like Trump was right after all

Wake up America!
Do you want the Great U.S to become like Sweden or Denmark or worse yet another Germany.
Trump is doing what he said he would do.
The media do not want you to know the truth.
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Trump Has declared War on Political correctness, Sweden Proved Him Right! - CNN does not want you to see this

Looks like Trump was right after all.
What do you think about this?
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Sweden in flames as Muslim refugees riot FOR NO REASON - Looks like Trump was right after all

Looks like Trump was right after all.
What do you think about this?
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Muslims are outraged after a Slovakian woman filmed herself Burning And Peeing On The Quran to protest against Islamic oppression of women under Sharia laws

Woman Causes Outrage By Burning And Urinating On A Koran.
She did it as an act of protest against the oppression of women in Islamic culture under Sharia laws.

Marine Le Pen was asked to obey Sharia laws & wear a burka to meet Lebanon's Grand Mufti - She canceled the meeting

Lebanese Sunni Muslims are outraged after Marine Le Pen refused to obey the Sharia laws and wear a burka.
French far-right's Le Pen refused to wear the headscarf to meet Lebanon's Grand Mufti, World's top Sunni religious leader, She canceled the meeting.
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Thousands of New Yorkers Protest against Trump to embrace Islam While Christians are being slaughtered by radical Muslims all over the Arab world

It's time to wake up!
The Islamic persecution of the Christian minorities has become a genocide!
Please pray for the Christian minorities in Muslim countries.
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ISIS Suicide Bomber Fails Miserably Blows Himself up, Killing Only Himself

ISIS shows the truth about radical Islam.
These people have no brains, they are willing to sacrifice themselves for nothing.